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How Can SmartStreet Help You?

Decrease Failed Deliveries by 90% and Increase Conversion Rates by 20%

Address Auto-complete

Suggests addresses while your customer types. The list is powered by Google and covers all countries.

Reduce keystrokes by 80% to improve the shopping experience and make checkout faster.

Checkout Pre-Verification

Verify the shipping address before an order is created, so the customer can go back and fix any issues before placing the order.

Save time and effort you expend contacting the customer to make a confirmation.

Accurate Verification

Brings you the most complete and updated address database by partnering with national posts around the world.

Being a CASS-certified service provider, we assure that our verification results conform to the highest standards of accuracy.

Email Notifications

Automatically sends a notification to you, or informs your customer by email, every time an address cannot be verified.

You can totally customize the appearance of your emails, using HTML, to make them a perfect match for your brand theme.

PO. Box, Residential, and Commercial Classification

Displays a warning to your customer whenever they enter a PO Box address you don't ship to.

Indicates an address is residential or commercial, so you can offer the best shipping rates and save on shipping costs.

Trust Badges

Increase conversions by placing a SmartStreet trust badge on your shop, with the goal of assuring potential customers that the shipping address is successfully verified on each and every order.

It’s important for customers to be able to place their order in the confidence of knowing it will be delivered on time - and to the right place.

3 Simple Steps to Get you started with SmartStreet


Get the app for your Shopify shop and accept the SmartStreet usage-based subscription.


Visit our Settings page to change preferences and inject the auto-complete/pre-verification code to your checkout pages.


Make a test order on your shop to see how it works. Contact us if you need any help.

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